Against the background of a dynamic development of the state capital Magdeburg, a traffic investigation for the eastern districts should be carried out. The multimodal considerations should consider possible changes to the network configuration, including a relief road for the eastern districts, and, if necessary, reorganise the development of public transport.

First, the transport model of the city of Magdeburg had to be continued. In addition, the traffic districts were revised and disaggregated and event traffic was modelled. Subsequently, an analysis of existing Elbe crossings was carried out, as there are a number of possibilities for various means of transport to cross the Elbe, which are bridges, but also ferry connections.

The following inventory analysis of all transport participants was supported by traffic surveys and SWOT analyses. Subsequently, it was about the development of variants and planning cases for the possible management of a relief road. For the ten variants developed, the effect of various criteria was determined by macroscopic transport demand modelling. The criteria assessed were: relief effect of the city centre, relief effect of Cracau, modal split, traffic performance, event traffic and disaster, nature conservation, urban and landscape design, construction costs.

As a result, the variants were presented with evaluation and weighing and a preferred variant was proposed.


Site plan variants without additional               Origin-Destination Distribution on selected cross-sections

Elbe crossing   

Evaluation - number of paths