Spatial and transport planners often have the task of estimating the volume of traffic and the choice of means of transport for planned construction objects of different types of use (e.B. trade, large- and small-scale retail, various services). In particular, the choice of means of transport is highly dependent on the local spatial structure and the transport offer (e.B. stop and cycle density in public transport).

In practice, there is usually a need for procedures for simple determination of transport production and the choice of means of transport. For this purpose, a number of tools, often MS Excel-based, already exist, which use empirical survey data. However, these Tools often have considerable ranges of variation among themselves, lack of definitions of the field of application and insufficiently comprehensible documentation of the data origin, which makes comprehensible and reliable statements difficult.

Existing internationally applied procedures and characteristics for the estimation of traffic production were critically examined in the project and statements on the specific strengths and weaknesses were derived from this.

Based on this, an easy-to-use tool was developed in which the expected traffic volume and the choice of means of transport for different object types can be determined according to local conditions such as the public Transport infrastructure provision class, population and workplace density, the language area and other parameters. The data base is formed by the path and stage data of the Swiss microcensus Mobility and Transport, which were enriched by the spatial reference with the local parameters such as public Transport infrastructure provision class, population and workplace density, etc. When choosing a mode of transport, combined routes such as B&R, P&R and K&R are also indicated in the developed tool.  

The developed tool is available under For more information, please refer to our factsheet 1,2 MB.


Determination of parameters                         Modal split tool, result display

at the start and finish point 

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